Make medicine for Stings in Animal crossing new horizons

Make medicine for Stings in Animal crossing new horizons

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We know that we will encounter danger on the island, especially some aggressive insects that can cause us harm. For example, the wasps, spiders, or scorpions on the island will delay time for other activities if they are not treated. Wasting a day in vain waiting for it to heal naturally is equivalent to wasting Animal Crossing Bells. So immediate treatment is the way most players will choose.

If you have 400 bells, you can get the drug from Timmy or Nook's Cranny. But you can get a recipe for the drug from the residents of the island. Remember to talk to female villagers a few times.

Then it is time to prepare the materials needed for production. The 3 weed blocks are very easy to find on the island, but you need to find the tree where the wasp is, shake it or cut down to get it. But this means you may be hurt. You can also Buy ACNH Bells to trade what you need.

The resident service department is the best production location. After opening the inventory, choose to learn the recipe, and then you can make it. Pressing the A key is an acceleration method, and it is recommended not to accelerate frequently. After all, the prepared ointment can also be used for sale.

Because there are many useful materials hidden in the trees, wood, bells, and other objects. Therefore, it is a good choice to take the drug to prevent and treat Stings. Of course, you can also use a popper to get rid of wasps when you encounter them, you can also use insect nets to catch them, or you can escape and hide in closed buildings.
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